Our expertise in clothing goes back to the ‘80s. Our firm named L.C.Todarwal and Co. was started by Mr. Anil Todarwal in 1984 as an exporter of Men’s Wear for the European Market. Since then we have seen the changing aspects of the Clothing Industry.

For many years the company was working with various brands in Europe for Men’s as well as Women’s Wear. We got into Kids Wear in the year 2002 when we could foresee a demand compared to the supply available. We started working for domestic brands also as a manufacturer, but realized our potential to make our own brand. This made us create TONYBOY and EIMOIE. We started supplying small quantities to retail stores in Mumbai from 2008 and increased operations to various parts of India.

In 2013 through our company ATEEAGN RETAIL LLP, we entered the online marketplace model and started supplying to direct customers through various marketplaces. We continue to get a great response from these marketplaces and have a very good base to cater. We also could see certain limitations with them for our brand which pushed us to start our working on our own website. We started working on Purplemyst.com around August 2016.


There is a lot of difference in between online sales and offline sales. We got to understand this through our experience for many years. It was a difficult change on one side but a joyful experience on the other. We have a team of experienced people inhouse to look after every accept of online sales. From manufacturing to finishing to product uploads and designing all is happening inhouse. The team is working daily to give the customer a great product, timely delivery, quality after sales service and all in all a very good experience. A want to come back to our website is what we strive to achieve.